Which platforms can you perform on?

Fortunately I’m able to make my amazing virtual magic experience work on virtually any platform! We’ve used Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Webex, Ring Central and others! And if you need a virtual platform, I can provide access to my GoToMeeting account.

How many volunteers do you need?
Although every attendee gets to participate with the magic they perform in their own household, I do also engage and interact in a real-time fashion with a select number of “lucky participants”. These volunteers will have their cameras and microphones active so we can engage and dialogue back and forth. The number of these “lucky participants” will depend on the package selected.
Isn't this just like watching a YouTube video?
Many people (including myself) at first would think that performing magic on a virtual platform is pretty much just like watching a pre-recorded video. I was quite skeptical until I performed at my first virtual event and experienced how much fun really is possible. Make sure to watch the videos on this page to see for yourself all the fun your attendees will have with magic.
What do we need to provide?

All you need to provide on your end is the audience of attendees (obviously or your wouldn’t be reading this!) and a select number of active “lucky participants” who will engage with me in real-time.

How much does it cost?
I offer different packages and solutions designed to cater to most needs and budgets. You can see the pricing instantly by entering your info here.