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Amazing Minnesota magician David Farr will astonish the guests at your next in-person or virtual event.


If these companies can trust Minneapolis magician David Farr to make their events amazing, so can you!

David is Available for hire for Zoom and Virtual Events and Online Meeting Entertainment

  • Grand Openings
  • Client Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Conferences
  • Other Special Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Virtual Events
  • Private Parties
  • Awards Nights
  • Team Building

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Are you considering a magician for your party entertainment?

The office is buzzing about your magic! One employee on my floor was telling one person after the next about the watch trick you did with our president and CEO. Truly amazing. Thanks for making the corporate event fun and entertaining.

Donna Melody, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Event Planner, Allianz

Our corporate party had live music, fancy catered food and even guided tours. But the one thing everyone is still raving about days later is that amazing magician! Great work. You impressed a lot of people who aren’t easily impressed!

Gary Wentz, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Event Planner, Reader's Digest

Your Guests Won’t Remember the Food, the Music or the Decorations… They Will Remember the Entertainment!

Who is David Farr?

David Farr Minnesota magician

You won’t believe your eyes when you witness the mind-blowing talents of the incredible Minnesota magician, David Farr. Prepare to be utterly astounded as he captivates and mesmerizes your guests, making your next in-person or virtual event an unforgettable experience.

David Farr is a professional entertainer based in Minneapolis, who has been entertaining audiences of all ages for over 30 years. You’ve seen magicians before but you have never experienced David Farr.

David Farr helps corporations and private organizations make their events unforgettable and amazingly fun with unique programs consisting of interactive magic, mentalism, comedy and audience participation.

His interest in magic began at the age of 10 and has gone on to become one of the leading Minneapolis magicians in the Twin Cities. It’s astounding how often he is recognized throughout town by past clients and fans.

Since 1989, David Farr has been entertaining audiences around the country. He has helped MN companies such as Medtronic, Target, General Mills and Cargill make their events a smashing success!

Whether he is making sugar come out of their sleeve , predicting what people will think of in their minds or pickpocketing watches without them feeling it, David Farr’s goal is to make you look good by presenting unique entertainment everyone will enjoy and remember forever!

Three Different Styles Of Magic To Make Your Event Unforgettable!

Up Close Interactive Magic

Are you looking for corporate party entertainment? One of the important factors in creating a really special event is to make sure that your guests start having fun right away…minutes after they arrive. You’ll be delighted as you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their own 5 to 7 minute shows which include super fun magic that happens in their own hands. This enchanting, fun, and intimate form of “walk around” entertainment is perfect for cocktail parties or as before dinner entertainment. It will leave the lasting impression you desire.

Strolling magician David Farr

These Are The Kinds of Memories That Your Guests Are Going To Remember Forever!

stage comedy magic show

Should this much fun be banned? “The After Dinner Show” is a 45 minute stage show that includes baffling demonstrations of magic and illusion, comedy, E.S.P., pick-pocketing, tons of audience interaction, plus… “Let’s Burn A Deal” An audience member signs her $100 dollar bill and places it inside an envelope to be mixed up with other envelopes. She picks one and the others a burnt to a crisp. She discovers that she has selected the wrong envelope and her money is burnt. This is funny to watch her reaction throughout the show. The signed bill reappears in the back of the room at the end of the performance to everyone’s amazement (and the woman’s delight).

Stage Magic Show with David Farr

virtual events

In times like this with the pandemic preventing some of us from having live events, we have created a unique virtual solution to make your online meetings and virtual events unique, fun,  memorable, and keep your team members entertained with much needed good positive energy!

We can present our virtual magic show in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, GoToWebinar and other livestream platforms, so you can relax and experience this from your office or home.

Share this unique interactive magical experience with your company, friends, clients, employees and the people you love!

Stage Magic Show with David Farr

What my clients are saying…



David was the highlight of our market. Everyone (attendees, managers, executives, hotel staff, etc.) was absolutely enthralled with his street magic, and came back for more during the evening show. We can’t thank him enough. From day one he put us at ease with great communication and attention to detail, and then truly shined as he engaged our customers and kept them in the showroom wanting to see more.

Julianna Arjes

Mohawk Industries – Mendota Heights, MN

5 stars all the way, David baffles the whole group! What he accomplishes is truly Magical. I would highly recommend him for any group. Thanks for going above and beyond!!

Greg Budach

Minnesota Harness Racing Inc. – Forest Lake, MN

We had an amazing time and a lot of positive comments regarding the show! We were able to raise over 250K for Brave Kids Bold Cures with David’s help!

Erin Green

Sanford Health Foundation West – Bismarck, ND

Just hired David for a corporate holiday party. He was awesome! Everyone at the party enjoyed his close up magic. David is very professional, animated and loves working a crowd!

Becky Harris

Event Lab, Minneapolis, MN

Check out these 5 Star Reviews!

“David did an amazing job entertaining and stunning the team with his magic. He has a naturally friendly personality that easily engages and entertains people. He performs a wide variety of magic tricks, excellent for gatherings of groups that form at parties. He’s one of the best in his craft, I highly recommend him”


Dale Nitschke, Minneapolis, Minnesota

CEO, Ovative Group

I can’t say enough about David. We hired him for a corporate event AND for a separate fundraiser event and he hit the ball out of the park! Not only are his magic tricks amazing (i.e. mind-blowing!), he is such a great guy and very personable. Great jokes to boot…. and the crowd loved him.


Joe Biller, Bloomington, Minnesota

Managing Director, SightLine Partners

“David Farr is the real deal. I would highly recommend him for any corporate or engagement event that you want your employees or attendees to remember! He interacts and ensures that everybody is having fun! Include David Farr in your event if you want people to laugh and have FUN..!!!!!”


Brent Apelt, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Manufacturing Manager, Medtronic

Frequently Asked Questions

Is David Farr able to entertain people who don't speak English?

Thankfully, magic is very universally appealing to all walks of life! Although your non-english speaking guests may not totally understand every funny joke David makes, they’ll still be thoroughly entertained and amazed by what they see!

Does David perform outside of the Minneapolis St. Paul area?

Yes, even though David is based in Minneapolis, MN, he travels to all parts of Minnesota as well as the upper midwest in cities such as Des Moines, IA, Fargo, ND, Sioux Falls, SD and Madison, WI. You may have been looking for a magician near me when searching online but keep in mind David Farr will travel!

What do we need to provide you on our end?

What is needed varies based on the type of entertainment being provided. If you go with a strolling/close up magic package, where David is merely strolling through your event and entertaining the guests, there are virtually no additional requirements. Everything David needs he comes prepared with in his pockets ready to entertain when he arrives at the event. For the stage show packages, there are some important requirements that are needed in order for a successful performance. 1. If David is the only performer with equipment on the stage (besides a podium), then we recommend a stage at least 12′ x 8′ and at least 6 inches off the floor. Depending on how high the stage is, stairs might also be required as there is fun audience participation throughout the performance. In cases where David’s equipment would be sharing the stage with other performer(s), a larger stage me be necessary or other special considerations. 2. In most cases, David will provide his own sound system unless it’s a performance that requires air travel. In this case, we’ll also need a professional sound system setup and monitored throughout the performance. The best type of mic is a headset mic known as a “country man”. It is wireless and hands free. We also need an an input for an iPod for sound effects. Once again, most of the time David provides his own professional sound system. Please keep in mind that you still may have AV needs yourself and still may want to ask your venue to provide a microphone to show a presentation, announce winners, give speeches, etc. 3. In regards to lighting, we have no specific needs but do recommend not having your event too dark because it becomes more difficult for your guests to experience the amazing magic when they are struggling to see what’s happening.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. You may pay securely online using PayPal or our Secure Payment Page. If paying with check, please make check payable to “David Farr

Is David able to entertain while people are eating?

Technically yes but we really don’t recommend it. By the nature of the entertainment, your guests participate in the magic and are often asked to help out. This is sometimes difficult when people are eating. And also it’s hard to “watch closely” when you’re enjoying dinner. This applies to all packages, strolling and stage shows.

Will this embarrass or offend anyone?

We’re proud to say that absolutely NO ONE is embarrassed in any way. We’ve heard many horror stories of how other entertainers have completely offended guests in the audience with off color jokes and remarks. David Farr’s entertainment is completely G-Rated and never relies on entertaining people by making fun or laughing at people. “We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you…”

What kind of room set up do you need for the stage show?

Typically having the stage setup against a wall having all of your guests seated in front and as close as possible (this helps provide a more intimate feeling). Guests that are seated directly to either side of the stage or behind, have TERRIBLE seats and therefore it’s best to avoid that. A space that can comfortably seat all of your guests without having them on the sides or behind the stage is best. Also watch out for those huge annoying beams right in the middle of some rooms. Please take into consideration your guests so they don’t get stuck behind one of them and miss out on the fun. See the example room diagram below. Optionally, you can request “pipe and drape” for the stage which basically serves as the backdrop of the performance and gives it a nice feel.

What size audiences can David entertain?

David’s entertainment is best suited for small to medium size crowds. David entertains groups as intimate as 10 people all the way up to 500 guests in a ballroom. If you have a large group (200 or more), the use of projection screens makes the show even more enjoyable for your guests. Talk to your venue or contact a local audio/video company with questions to further explore that option.

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David came and performed at the annual UHC Global Innovation Challenge 2023. Not only is he absolutely charming and his dry sense of humor very funny, he is truly magical! All of our guests were impressed with his smaller walking tricks, and blown away by his stage show. He was flexible with his time, highly processional, and business appropriate for our international guests. I would hands down recommend him to anyone who asked, and would bring him back for more events. Thank you David! You are a wonder!
Nicole Hoffman
Nicole Hoffman
What a great show. He did an amazing job! Highly recommend!
Tim Rowland
Tim Rowland
David was absolutely amazing! Such a good magic show
Taya Schadler
Taya Schadler
He did a surprise show for my family at a birthday party. Thought it was going to be one of those kid trick magic shows that was pretty standard but he blew my mind! The tricks he had are unexplainable and a total surprise. He had the whole crowd laughing and in disbelief. So much fun! Definitely book him for one of your events.
David performed at a small birthday party with kids and adults. His show was jaw dropping. He is not only a magician, but an amazing entertainer. He got all age groups involved and participating. He pulled off a special personalized trick at the end for me. He made our entire weekend. Whether you need someone to do walk around magic at a large or small event or a special show, David is your person. We can't thank him enough and can't stop talking about it. Our minds were literally blown by the magic.
Debbie Tufts
Debbie Tufts
Amazing! David was brilliant, funny, engaging!
mia### 332
mia### 332
We are thrilled to give David a glowing 5-star review! David took our Customer Appreciation Event to a whole new level with his incredible performance. David's mind-blowing tricks left our attendees in awe and created an unforgettable experience. His talent and entertainment skills truly made the event a resounding success!
Our company had “Fun Fridays” this Summer and having David as a guest was a big hit with the employees. His magic was very entertaining and his interactions with employees had everyone engaged, and amazed. He is professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend him for another work event!
Lisa B
Lisa B
David was an outstanding addition to our dinner reception. He worked the room of 30 people with ease and by the end of the evening had us all at attention to see what amazing feat was next.
Brian T. Parham
Brian T. Parham
I am happy to be posting this 5 star review for David Farr: I hosted a backyard birthday party for my sister-in-law who was celebrating her 75th. The age span of the guests was 2 -1/2 years old up to 75.David's performance was nothing less than outstanding - he captured the attention and awe of every single guest as he did his strolling magic, and then did a closing standing performance when we were all seated that was nothing less than stellar!!In addition, the booking and payment process was seamless, and his office manager Christina was a pleasure to work with. I highly highly recommend David if you are looking for a magician to perform at your next event/party! He is a fabulous magician and entertainer, and, also important, very professional, and a very nice guy!
Suzy Rappaport
Suzy Rappaport
We had David for our company family picnic and he was amazing! Everyone enjoyed his magic tricks and show. Perfect for adults and kids.
kari gronseth
kari gronseth
We had David perform at our company dinner in May. He did a phenomenal job! During our cocktail hour, he interacted and amazed smaller groups with his magic. After dinner he entertained the entire group with a full show with lots of participation from our group. We had a great time!
Robert Dresback
Robert Dresback
Simply amazing, I have seen David’s illusions twice now and still can’t figure out how he can do it.
Rick Zuckman
Rick Zuckman
Great Entertainment!!
David is AmAzInG!!! Love his shows!! Great entertainment!!
Callie Pribula
Callie Pribula
We hired David for a High School senior party and we were extremely pleased with him. We hired him mainly because he had rave reviews from the last year’s senior party. The kids all seemed genuinely amazed by his talents! He moved around and interacted with many groups of kids and had no problems holding their attention. Highly recommended!!
Laurie McNeill
Laurie McNeill
David was hired to performed at the STMA Grad Party. The seniors were blown away by his magic. He walked around and entertained numerous groups of students throughout the night and kept the seniors engaged. I would highly recommend him for any event of all ages - private or corporate.
Amazing show. Great magician/mentalist. He made our party!
Randall Knutson
Randall Knutson
Such a terrific experience! The magic was amazing and everyone was fascinated and in awe. This is the second time we have hired him to perform and we will definitely use him again!
Most epic, mind-blowing magic I’ve ever seen! Definitely had to meditate after witnessing David’s true magical abilities!
kenzie klassen
kenzie klassen
Ashley Liahem
Ashley Liahem
David performed at our 51st wedding anniversary party to an audience that ranged from 5 years to 90. What fun! I would say everyone loved the show. Since our party, everyone has told us how fun the show was and how talented David is. He has dominated the conversation of the party because he is so good. I would recommend him for any event.
Sandra Meyer
Sandra Meyer
David was a great addition to our After Prom event. Even as he was finished for the evening the kids wanted to see more. Very personable and drew in the attention of the students! Highly recommend!
David was great at our chamber event! He engaged with the audience during the social hour with close up magic which added something nice to the event - his on stage act was excellent! Never missed a beat and always amazed the crowd.As the event coordinator I especially appreciated the pre-call to make sure we were thinking of those things that would make the night go off without a hitch and it did.
Debbi Rydberg
Debbi Rydberg
Most talented magician I’ve ever seen! He is equally good at entertaining at birthday parties, elementary school performances, and corporate events. I have seen him perform four times now and have seen him entertain in all of those different settings. You truly cannot go wrong, and you will not cease to be amazed if you hire David!
Beth Reopelle
Beth Reopelle