It’s that time of year again for the Minnesota State Fair taking place in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Each year for 12 days ending on Labor Day Minnesotan’s say goodbye to summer with one of the greatest attended fairs in the country.   Over two million attended in 2018 and with beautiful weather and single day attendance records smashed on days 1 and 2 it looks like another record attendance for 2019.   I usually head to the Minnesota State Fair 3 times a season.  We like to go on opening day, opening weekend, and once again during the week.  It can be really really busy on the final weekend so I like to go before then.

Once you get into the fair most of the attractions like music and entertainment are free with the exception of the headlining concerts at The Grandstand.   The entertainment is top notch.  My favorite entertainment to watch and we watch it every year is the 3rd Lair Skateboard and BMX show.  It is is mix of pros who put on a 10 minute action packed show of them doing tricks on their boards and bikes on the ramp right in front of you.  You are so close to the action and the MC is entertaining and the music is fun too.  They go from hip hop to disco to Motley Crue without missing a beat.  I really love this show because when I was younger I enjoyed skateboarding a lot and helped create a local longboarding community in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Unfortunately a magician is useless with a broken arm so I had to hang that up but I still love supporting the local skateboarding community here in Minneapolis.  If you are interested in learning how to board or bike I linked to the park above.

This year I also enjoyed a magic show at one of the main stages.  The great thing about the Minnesota State Fair is they also feature lots of great talent in addition to national talent.  Everything from magic to music.  This year Prof and Dessa who are both native to Minnesota are performing at the fair.  Fun fact-I used to perform with Dessa at a few events per year before she made it big in music.  She did balloon animals!  They also put on one of the biggest amateur talent contests.  I entered it when I was 12 just starting out in magic.  I lost to a vocal act.  The fair is one of the biggest music festivals.  So many free shows in addition to the headliners at the Grandstand.  You never know who you will see.  Last year we turned the corner and the Pointer Sisters were performing.  That was a fun show!

You probably know that I am also a animal lover and I really love this next show I am going to tell you about.  All Star Stunt Dogs Splash is exciting show that features dogs doing tricks.   They do everything from running and long jumping while fetching into a pool of water to feats of agility using ladders and hula hoops.  They also feature dogs who are rescued which I love.  If you are spending a day at the Minnesota State Fair this is a must see.   Also free!

if you like games and rides the fair also has you covered.  They have a midway full of rides.  Some scary and some just fast and fun.  There is also a dedicated “kidway” just for the little kids.  The rides are not included in admission so if you love rides this is where you could spend lots of money.

The shopping is also the best.  Pro-tip- Do your shopping on the way out so you are not carrying your bags all day.  The West End has the best shopping and if you come in on the bus you can shop and then easily hop on the bus because they are very close to one another.

The food and drinks are also one of the main reasons people attend the fair.  There is so much I could blog about it for days.  You just have to experience it.  To show just how wild the food is here is a link to an article on new foods for 2019.  New Foods.  The blueberry key lime pie was a hit!

Well that is my take on the Great Minnesota Get Together.  Truly the best 12 days of summer.  Hope to see you there.  After the fair is over it is time to go back to school and also when it is time to think about booking your holiday entertainment while you can still book your favorite venues and your favorite entertainers and caterers before they are all booked up.  Take care!