When it comes to an event, there has to be some entertainment to keep the crowd happy. It does not matter on the type of event, whether it be corporate, a wedding, a house party, but something has to be arranged as a focal point, a distraction perhaps. And lets face it, who doesn’t like a good magician? We all do, from the skeptic who likes to figure out how it was done, to the child who stares in awe as a penny is found behind their ear. Hiring a magician is a little bit different. It will give the attendees some fun memories and will ensure that no one is bored. Okay, so here are…

10 reasons why you must hire a magician for your event.

  1. Let’s not beat around the bush, you would not even be considering hiring a magician if you didn’t think they would be great entertainment. Watching a good magician at work is quite a thing to see, and pretty much anyone can enjoy it. The guests will be amazed and impressed, and they will be entertained which is the main point,
  2. A close-up magician is able to tailor-make a show of the event they are being asked to perform at. First of all, they will understand the types of people that will be there form the conversation with you, so corporate they will have more adult tricks. A child party will be arranged accordingly. However, more than that, when they arrive and start performing the act is malleable so they will be able to change and cater the performance to really connect with the individuals who are there. A good magician is a great people pleaser and can interact with anyone. They have that comedy spark too, which is a great advantage. A good magician can perform any trick in a great many numbers of ways to best suit their audience
  3. A magician has a lot of tricks up his or her sleeve, excuse the pun! So, if for whatever reason, the next item on the itinerary is delayed, like the best man is on the toilet, then a magician is able to pull out a trick or ten and keep the audience entertained while you work out what the problem is.
  4. It is an all-weather option. It does not matter if the rain comes, with a magician it won’t be a washout as they can perform inside just as well as outside. Close up magicians do not require oceans of space either, so if something does happen, you can still get the performance you paid for in any room.
  5. It is a flexible choice. How long do you need the magician to work for? You may even find that your guests are enjoying it so much you want the magician to extend their performance. This is great for all concerned, you, the guests and the magician. Alternatively, in the very unlikely event, they are not enjoying, it can be wrapped up quickly without too much fuss.
  6. A magical performance has the ability to congregate people, bringing them together. No matter the event, having your guests happy and speaking to one another about how great the entertainment you provided was can only be a good thing. A magician can also introduce people to one another. If there are two disparate groups, a magician can bring one of them into the limelight, ask their name and introduce them to the rest of the crowd. Also, if you have your suspicions and want to do a little matchmaking, for example, a magician could cast the spell you’ve been waiting for.
  7. Having a magic show will provide much-needed background noise for an event. It makes things go so much smoother when there is a little commotion going on. Awkward silences are not fun, a magic show mitigates the risk of this and allows people to be distracted for a few moments while they gather their thoughts. A magic show will add a happy buzz to the event, there will be fun and laughter, and will provide the cover for people to be able to communicate without feeling on show. Magicians for hire are experts at creating a good atmosphere at any event.
  8. At an event, you want there to be a lot going on so that your guests are provided with options. They are able to sit at the back and enjoy the show from a distance. Or, they can get involved by sitting toward the front and joining in with the gaggle, the laughter, and all the questions. Alternatively, since the show is not massively intrusive, a guest can relax and have a meaningful conversation with a colleague or a friend without having to shout at each other over some loud noise. Allowing your guests the choice, rather than forcing them to do something is a far better idea.
  9. It is an original idea. How many events have you been to that have organized a close-up magician? Probably not many. It is something they have probably seen on television a lot but not in real life. Close up magicians are seen wandering the streets of New York or London wowing crowds and literally putting people in awe. Why would you not want this same effect at your event? Honestly, most people will remember the first close up magic trick they will ever see in real life. It really is one of those moments when you say, ‘what?’ ‘how?’ then you laugh, because you know you have been tricked but don’t know-how. Your senses have been fooled. That is power.
  10. A magic show is far more than just about the magic. It is a performance. It is a comedy sketch. It is interactive. The audience is not simply passively watching; they are engaged and thinking, and all the time trying to figure out how.


At your event, why not invest in a magician for hire. They will provide so much more than just magic as if that weren’t enough.