I recently took a trip out west to Colorado and went snowboarding with my best magic friend.  We have been practicing magic together since we were 10 or so.  Of course when we get together we like to practice magic and we had lots of opportunities to try new tricks in the gondola on guests at Vail from all over the world.  We didn’t do this in any official capacity but just for fun.  I think we made it fun for many because we had lots of laughs and were told we gave them the best gondola ride ever.  The ride up is about 10-15 minutes depending on wind so it was the perfect opportunity to meet some new friends and perform some magic.  Maybe you will see us on the Travel Channel someday performing magic in gondolas all over the world.  Check out the videos on https://www.facebook.com/davidfarrmagic/videos/1910776619044925/