If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that I have my good friend here with me performing magic.  I had a few schools this year that wanted tandem magicians and I immediately thought of my friend, Sean Watson.  Sean lives in Calgary and Las Vegas so I do not get to see him too often but he was in between school shows and summer fair entertainment so it worked our perfectly for him to come to Minneapolis and perform magic with me.  We also spent a lot of time watching magic videos and practicing new magic tricks.  We even put a new spin on a old trick and made it absolutely insane to perform with the best reactions.    Magic is definitely more fun with a friend.  While he was in town we also had a bit of free time to visit Topgolf, help my mom move into her new home, and relax on the deck.  The weather is Minneapolis was perfect this graduation season.  If you are looking for entertainment for hire in Minnesota or North America feel free to connect.