What a great event space!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of performing at a corporate event at The Graduate, a hotel and event space at the University of MN Minneapolis campus.

I’ve been lucky enough to hhave been a magician performing in the Twin Cities for over thirty years so it’s not too often I can say that I’ve never performed here yet. That was the case with The Graduate.

I was invited to come in and entertain the attendees of a two day conference and wow them with amazing magic as part of the conclusion of their event.

The event staff were very professional and easy to work with. The guests loved their meal.

There is a nice outdoor patio area attached to the event room we were in where folks could get outside and enjoy the sounds and sights of the U of M campus (lots of energy in the air for sure!).

Really the only slight negative is like it is for all venus on campus… parking. Parking options are limited but thankfully The Graduate has valet parking that cost $5 per hour which is well worth it compared to the challenges of trying to find parking yourself on the streets of the Minneapolis campus.

I especially liked performing at this venue because they had an AV technician on site to help and assist with microphone, speakers and other audio needs.

The event I was hired as the magician for was a company that restores leather and upholstery. They have an annual convention that travels from city to city around the country each year. This year they picked Minneapolis (not during winter of course!). They found my website online while looking for a magician in Minneapolis and we all had an amazing time!