Event entertainment has really changed in 2020 but adversity has really opened the door for some new and cool creative ideas.  In addition to having a virtual interactive magician there are also other really fun things you can add to your virtual event to make it even more engaging and in some cases get the whole family involved.  Here are some of my favorites so far.

On the Friday before Halloween I was part of an event that had so many fun and creative ideas for their Zoom party.  My favorite idea for the virtual team building event that day was the online pumpkin carver and pumpkin carving contest.  Before the event they had each family carve a pumpkin together and submit in into a contest and they followed up with a professional pumpkin carver from New York City who also judged the contest.  They also had a costume contest and sent each family treat baskets in the mail ahead of time since all of their employees were still out of the office.  This was a family friendly Zoom virtual event and there was loads of engagement and interactivity.

I am performing at another virtual event tomorrow that is getting the family pets involved in the fun with an introduce your pet fashion show!   Followed by a short tip and tricks segment from a dog trainer who teaches dogs stunts and tricks!  How cool and creative is that?  Also very helpful because many families have brought new furbabies into their homes in 2020.

One idea that I think is so cool is the company I was hired for to do a virtual show really still wanted to recreate the “Dinner” and “After Dinner show” aspects of their traditional corporate holiday party this December.  They are going to recreate this by bringing in a professional chef virtually and they will all get lessons from a professional chef and will make and enjoy a meal together with the chef on the webcam over Zoom.  Once they are finished eating I will begin with the “after dinner” entertainment and perform a virtual magic show over Zoom.  It will be very interactive to keep the guests engaged and at the end will also include a 15 minute magic workshop where everyone will be able to learn a trick that they can use on their virtual calls in the New Year in 2021!  If you are looking for an online chef to recreate the traditional holiday party please check out Chef Matt Ellison and his website BrownsandBlues.com to find a culinary experience for your virtual company party in 2020.

Please reach out if I can help you make your holiday party a success.  Have a great day!