You are planning an event and have decided you want a form of entertainment so you decide to hire a magician.  Once you have decided on a magician you need to decide on the performance style.   I believe are three main style of magic.  They are stage show magic, parlor magic, and strolling-walk around magic or street magic.  I am going to talk about strolling walk around magic.  I really love performing this type of magic.  It really let’s me interact with the audience and instead of performing for you I feel like I am performing with you and I really have a lot of fun with that.  This type of magic I go from table to table or from group to group and perform 5-10 minute mini show for a crowd of 3-10 usually.  Sometimes the magic draws a crowd and I look up and 20 people are watching.

I perform this magic often at Senior All Night Parties or Senior Lock Ins.  During these events I am hired by the committee chairs to roam the party performing magic for the seniors while they are socializing.  The Seniors love it and I have lots of videos and testimonials highlighting this.  Check them out!

I also perform this style at weddings.  Most often it is performed after the ceremony before the dinner during the down time while the wedding party is taking photos or out celebrating before the Grand March.  It is a great icebreaker and great to fill in the downtime.

I also perform it lots during cocktail receptions and social times at corporate/company holiday events, banquets, fundraisers, company picnics, meetings and galas.  It is great to have entertainment for your guests right away and is also a good icebreaker.  It also does not require all of your guests to be seated to be entertained.   Also more and more businesses are holding their events in house and close up magic is a great fit because you don’t need a stage or sound or a ballroom to accommodate strolling magic so that makes it a great choice.  Walk around magic also can be more economical and budget friendly.

I also perform during Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s .  It is great to have entertainment for those who are not out dancing to the band or DJ!

If you are planning an event in Minnesota or the midwest please reach out and see if a strolling walk around magician will be a good fit!